Wig Restlying


Restyling means that you are keeping the same style as before, not a complete new one. If you would like a complete new style, contact us before purchasing.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping address has changed! See below.

Unfortunately, wig styling is not permanent. Proper care during use and careful storage can prolong a wig’s styling, but eventually, all wigs will need this service.

Please keep the following in mind regarding this service:

  • Wig restyling applies to the same style, not a new one.
  • Wig restyling does not include additional hair.
  • Wigs need to be shipped without flowers, clips, rubber bands or other attachments. Removing these items may damage the wig and we cannot be held responsible. Any items received with attachments will be sent back.
  • Please also be mindful when packing your wig for shipping, as we will return it in the same packaging.

Our shipping address is:

Final Touch Wigs
PO Box 91491
Long Beach, CA 90809