Wig Care

Caring for your Wig

Congratulations on the purchase of your new wig! In order to ensure a long life and to keep the wig looking good, we recommend that you follow the steps below to care for your wig.

NOTE: Our custom wigs have specialized designs. The designs are not permanent, so utmost care must be exercised when cleaning and storing. When you are done wearing your wig, place it gently on a Styrofoam head and spray it with wig spray to extend the life of the styling.

  1. If possible, have 2 wigs ready to wear at all times. Just like shoes, rotating wigs will extend the life of a wig and having a backup is never a bad idea. This will allow you to have a wig ready when you need to clean it or touch it up.
  2. Gently clean areas that have direct skin contact, such as the face or neck. These areas accumulate sweat, oil, and makeup.
  3. Avoid heat! Heat will damage wigs, so exercise care even when wearing your wig.
  4. Always use products designed for wigs. Do not wash your wig with regular shampoo or soap and only brush it with a wig brush, not a regular brush. Speaking of brushing:
  5. Brush your wig starting at the ends, not the roots.
  6. When you are done wearing your wig, gently place it on a Styrofoam head, away from all heat sources.

Should you need it, please check our restyling service.

Please contact us with any questions.